Producer's Showcase 09/28/2010


Producer's Showcase 09/28/2010


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Segment 1: Producer Meghan Lasalle discusses two dams in Orrington that are being removed to restore the Sedgeunkedunk stream. Scientists are using the removal of the dams to study the ways that migratory fish react to being able to return to their home waters and the impact that has on the environments there.

Segment 2: Producer Avery Moore from the Salt Institute profiles laughter therapist Katie West. Rob Rosenthal begins with the Salt Cast about the creation of Moore’s piece. Rosenthal tells about how the use of music generally is frowned upon by documentarians, but Moore used some in her piece despite being averse to it herself. Moore’s piece then plays and talks about founder of the Levity Institute Katie West who is going to a conference on World Laughter Day in New York. West uses laughter as a way to help people combat depression.

Segment 3: Producer Fred Greenhalgh’s satire called The War on Poverty. The president looks to create more jobs by having the army launch an attack on the poor. The army begins by targeting the poor in New York, declaring poverty as the most sinister enemy of America yet.

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Producer's Showcase 09/28/2010