Producer's Showcase 09/07/2010


Producer's Showcase 09/07/2010


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Segment 1: Salt Radio producer Zachary Mccuin. Mccuin talks about Robbie Elowitch, an art dealer who is also a professional wrestler named Robbie Ellis. Ellis is a crowd favorite, and he is still going strong even though he is nearly 70 years old. Ellis’ wife doesn’t like to watch his wrestling matches, and doesn’t like that he gets injured frequently.

Segment 2: Salt Radio producer Meghan Reid talks about Crossroad Games, a game store in Standish. People at Crossroad Games have formed their own little community based around their mutual love of games. Social workers have been bringing kids who struggle with their social skills to Crossroad Games to help them learn and feel a part of a community.

Segment 3: Salt Cast about the making of a piece called Truck Stop Love Affair. Producer Rob Rosenthal tells the story of Sarah Paul. Paul was returning from an abandoned project on bear hunting when she went to Dysart’s Truck Stop in Lewiston to do a story on that instead. Jackie, a waitress at Dysart’s was the original subject of the story, but she ended up not giving as much of an interview as was required, so Paul had to improvise with what she had. Dysart’s has a famous restaurant, but the truckers and tourists have separate rooms (although they aren’t explicitly divided). Jackie works in the trucker’s room and is very popular with her clientele. Paul was able to get a more complete story about Jackie from talking to the truckers at the table.

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Producer's Showcase 09/07/2010