New Mainers Speak 04/06/2014


New Mainers Speak 04/06/2014


Kate Manahan



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Host Kate Manahan interviews Victoria Chicon, who was born in Catacaos, Peru, and grew up in Lima, before immigrating to Maine in 1998. She is the host of the WMPG show Cruz del Sur, and creator of the community TV program Nosotros: We the People. They discuss what Peru was like in her childhood; her parents' relationship and family life, including her father’s immigration from Canton, China, and the corner store they ran together; and Peruvian history.

Victoria moved to Maine in 1998 to care for her grandchildren. Her two sons moved to the US because their father was in Miami; one of them married a woman from Maine and they moved here when they had children. Her sons are a computer engineer and a photographer; her daughter is a lawyer in Peru. Victoria was a filmmaker and editor in Peru, and has made films with her sons.

Victoria discusses moving to Maine and her goal of finding her own life, work, and community here. She used free papers at the supermarket to find her church and the community TV station; she took English classes at Portland Adult Education, as well as receiving a B.A. from the University of Southern Maine in 2010; she also discusses the vibrancy of Maine’s Latin community.

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New Mainers Speak 04/06/2014