New Mainers Speak 05/04/2014


New Mainers Speak 05/04/2014


Kate Manahan



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Kate Manahan interviews Annella Linton, who grew up in Portrush, Northern Ireland, and lived in Belfast and London before moving to Portland a year and a half prior to the interview. Annella trained as a DJ at WMPG, and has hosted shows there. They discuss her childhood growing up in Northern Ireland during the conflict between Protestants and Catholics during the Troubles; Northern Irish identity; American support for the IRA. She grew up with two brothers and two sisters; her mother’s family is Protestant and ran the tourist area at the Giant’s Causeway, and her father is Quaker, and grew up in a Quaker community. She describes seeing armed soldiers near her grandmother’s house as a child; having many Catholic friends despite being raised Protestant; and her experience having an anti-Catholic group break into her apartment after they realized she was spending time with a Catholic friend. She wanted to leave Northern Ireland after realizing she was gay at age 14. She knew she wanted to come to the US after spending a summer working at Camp America in Illinois.

They discuss her work covering the American sales region for her company, Primal Pictures; how she went about getting a visa through her workplace; and how it felt to go through immigration upon entering the US. They compare and contrast the American healthcare system with the UK’s National Health Service.

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New Mainers Speak 05/04/2014