Reverend Albert Jackson and Mrs. Clemmie Jackson


Reverend Albert Jackson and Mrs. Clemmie Jackson



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Reverend Albert Jackson and Mrs. Clemmie Jackson (born in Slabfork, Virginia; age 61; lived in Maine for 43 years) and Mrs. Clemmie Jackson (born March 1948 in Marengo County, Alabama; age 55; lived in Maine for 3.5 years)

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Okay. And are there other types of jobs that you have held? You're also pastor of…Christ Temple Church? Can you talk about that? How recent that has been? A little bit of that history? “It's been about a couple of weeks ago…that I was installed…And, um, mm…I was…I was assistant pastor…And -- and I was the assistant pastor there for about 40 years.” Okay. Great. Um, if l can just take a -- a moment to ask you since we're talking about Christ Temple, ah, and talking about your role as pastor, if l could ask you -- if you could say just a -- a few things about Reverend Isaac Jackson -- the late Reverend Isaac Jackson. He was a man who, when I envisioned this project, I would have wanted to interview. And maybe, um, this could be an opportunity to say some things about him. “Yeah...Yeah. Ah, he was my brother. And, ah, actually he was a man of vision because we started on 85 Dennison Street, a little small church and, ah -- and it was converted, ah, um, from a storefront into a church. And, ah, it was -- and he was here for about 35 years. And then -- then we moved from Dennison Street from where we are located now. And, ah, as I say, he was a man of vision. And he -- he was a, ah -- what am I trying to say, he, um, was also a person that, ah, stuck to his, ah, conviction and I – I think it's what made him -- made him so great. And, ah, even though we had struggles -- but he -- he stood to his convictions and he didn't -- he didn't ever -- ah, variegate for what he believed in. I think that's what made him such a strong leader.”

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Reverend Albert Jackson and Mrs. Clemmie Jackson