Mr. James Mathews


Mr. James Mathews



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Mr. James Mathews (age 59; born 1941 in Portland Maine; married with five children; lived in Maine all his life – lived in South Portland for over 26 years)

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“Well, basically we provided a good roof over their head and they had plenty to eat. [laughter] We attempted to keep them clothed and so on and so forth. I believe as far as their schooling is concerned, they did not choose to go to school. Like my son is a firefighter, so when he finally decided what he wanted to do, he was able to go to school on his own to become qualified. I have another daughter that when she was living in Florida she went to school down there. In fact, I have two children that lived in Florida for a while and they went to school in Florida for other education, to gain knowledge in that sense. So basically I haven't really provided college education for them because they at the time didn't require it or didn't seem to be needing it at the moment. We have helped them in other ways, you know, financially and other ways to keep them going ahead.”

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Mr. James Mathews