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Hamida Suja



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Interviewer: Hamida Suja

Interviewee: Mrs. Rose Jackson (age 66; born in Louisville, Mississippi; lives in South Portland for 39 years; married 34 years; has six children; had five children with her first husband; he died and she remarried and had a child with the current husband)

“And we would get together, like, have a fish fry on the weekend with our white friends, our white neighbors. And when we would get out and fish, my daddy and them would go down and get in the water and just muddy the water up with hoes-what you chop cotton with-and the fish would come to the top of the water. And they would get the fish out. And we would clean them and we'd cook them. And that's the reason I call it the good old days.”

“I was a tomboy mother; there were so many sons. We would play ball and I would throw the ball just as hard as they will, bat the ball. And when you're living in a place like Sagamore, you got this whole big field out there to play in, you got room for everybody.”

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USM African American Collection


Lewiston, Maine


Leisure, African American History, Maine


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Mrs. Rose Jackson on Leisure



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