We Exist Series 4: Quotes



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Interviewer: Maureen Elgersman Lee.

Interviewee: Ms. Joanna Boley-Lee (age 66; born 1937 in Newark, New Jersey; lived in Maine for 8 ½ years)

“I think my closing reflections would be that when I came to Lewiston I remember walking across the bridge that goes across the Androscoggin, the extension of Main Street, just sort of looking out, and there was a black man with a camera and I thought, good, there's a black person. So I went up to him and I introduced myself, told him I was new in the area and he tells me he was visiting. I don't think I saw another black person for at least a month, and I was going out to the supermarkets, et cetera. But within the, maybe three or four years after I moved here, or maybe less, I saw a marked increase in the presence of black people, and this is before the Somalians and the Togolese.”

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USM African American Collection


Lewiston, Maine


Leisure, African American History, Maine


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Ms. Joanna Boley-Lee on Leisure



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