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Sanela Zukic



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Interviewer: Sanela Zukic

Interviewee: Mr. James Sheppard (born in New York City in 1924; both his parents immigrated from Antigua in the West Indies to Canada, then they came to the United States in 1923; moved to Maine in 1971).

“But in addition to that we'd have lots of summer events: picnics and that sort. But that's separate; that's a different thing.”

“Between my wife and I, we saw to it that they did a lot of reading. And we did a lot of traveling. We did a lot of traveling to the Caribbean and South America, and we took them with us.” “We're spread out so far around, we're spread out so much so that we have little reunions, little itty baby reunions. This past Christmas, my wife and I went down to Antigua, the same place where my parents were born. And while we were there we spent two weeks gathering all our relatives together, and we all got together on Christmas Day. We went down there at Christmas. I have one aunt that's still alive; she was born in maybe 1915-somewhere around there. So she's still alive, up there in age. And the cousins, their children. I have a lot of cousins there in the Caribbean. And we had a couple of get-togethers down there. Christmas and that. We plan to do it again this year. Whenever any of them travel to the United States, we try to set up a date where we can get together and everyone can see each other. So we do have that sort of family reunion. But they're not formal. These aren't things when you send letters out a some families do. They have reunions in nice, you know, rented places, ballrooms, and all that sort of thing. But we don't do that.”

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Mr. James Sheppard  on Leisure



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