We Exist Series 4: Quotes


Amber Panzella



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Interviewer: Amber Panzella

Interviewee: Mr. Edgar Anderson (Male; age 51; born 1950 in Chicago suburb called Harvey; Moved to Portland Maine in 1985)

“I just spent last weekend down in Massachusetts with-as I said before-with my daughter who played in basketball tournaments Saturday and Sunday, so we spent the weekend in Massachusetts playing basketball. This weekend her mom will spend time with her in Hudson, New Hampshire, playing softball. She's also a softball player…Yeah, and two weeks from now we're gonna be in Connecticut, and the week after that we'll be playing basketball in D.C. So we're very involved with our kids, and they get a chance to see other places, too, besides Maine, which is good.” “Not really. My neighborhood didn't specifically, but the city of Chicago had big food fests and rock fests, things like that. But our neighborhood, our neighborhood was so small we didn't have a lot.”

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USM African American Collection


Lewiston, Maine


Leisure, African American History, Maine


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Mr. Edgar Anderson on Leisure



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