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Welcome to the fourth exhibit in the series of “We Exist”. In this section we have selected quotes that represent and explain how Maine’s Black residents’ create the processes behind their engagement in particular leisure activities. The quotes also highlight the particular types of leisure activities that Maine’s Black residents suggest that they are involved in. The quotes are taken from transcripts of the oral history project "'Home Is Where I Make It': African American Community and Activism in Greater Portland, Maine”. The interview subjects are all native to Maine or are longtime residents of Maine. The original intent of the “Home Is Where I Make It” project was to highlight Black residents’ history and struggle for community in southern Maine in both their formal organizational memberships and day-to-day activities. The interviews unearthed pertinent information related to the Black residents’ participation in leisure activities.

The quotes center on Maine’s Black residents’ reflections on leisure activities that they participated in during childhood. Some of the interviewees participated in activities in Maine while other activities were linked to other areas of the United States. The quotes also centered on the types of activities that they engage in with their own offspring. A significant number of the leisure activities by Maine’s Black residents are linked to the church and are family oriented. But there are leisure activities that local to civic institutions in Maine as well as external activities that were part of the Maine entertainment landscape.

There is a brief biographical data description of each of the interviewees and a photo. The quotes that are attributed to the interviewees are arranged under the general theme, “African American Leisure”.

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WE4: Leisure Quotes



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