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Interviewer: Maureen Elgersman Lee

Interviewees: Reverend Albert Jackson (born in Slabfork, Virginia; age 61; lived in Maine for 43 years) and Mrs. Clemmie Jackson (born March 1948 in Marengo County, Alabama; age 55; lived in Maine for 3.5 years)

“Well I like it. You know, I describe it as, ah, a place where you can shop. I notice when it rain, a lot of people go out to eat. They like to eat here in Maine. And I've noticed -- I've (inaudible) –but this is a good area to live in.”

Interviewer: “Are there any events in Lewiston and Auburn's history that stand out in your memories? Some people talk about when, um, Mohammed Ali came to fight in Lewiston. Is that something that, ah, either stands out in your memory, or is that something that still people talk about?”

Rev. Jackson: “Actually, when, ah, um, ah, um, Cassius Clay, as that was his name at the time…It was in the '60s. He actually put Maine on the map. And, ah, ah -- and -- and that's, ah, about the only -- actually event that I – I can really, ah, ah, acquaint myself to thinking…I didn't have a chance to go inside the, ah, building -- I was there though…But it was, ah -- it was so crowded. Ah, people, you know -- but I did -- I did -- I experienced that -- that highlight at that time. I can get -- get into the building but I was -- I was on the outside…It was very exciting. It was -- it was something that -- that Maine wasn't, you know, accustomed to and -- and everything was just -everyone's excited and the people, you see, that they interviewed. Some people working with their cameras and they were flashing and people were excited. And it was just an exciting event at that”

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Lewiston Maine


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Reverend Albert Jackson and Mrs. Clemmie Jackson on Leisure



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