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Vanessa Saric



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Interviewer: Vanesa Saric

Interviewee: Ms. Beverly Bowens (born in Maine; age 67; left at 21 years old for about 35 to 40 years and then returned to Maine)

“Actually, I'm a product of my environment. So when I went to New York, I had difficulty getting used to, for instance, going to a party, 8 o'clock. And even though in New York a party starts at eight, no one comes until ten. I go to bed early, and I get up very early. And this is something that I found a little bit different when I was in New York. I'm just not a New Yorker, although I enjoyed it very much and I miss it very much. But I'm still really more of a New Englander.”

“In the summertime, the neighbors used to take me to the beach every day. The Eastern Promenade. We were a very close neighborhood. I still see some of my classmates and it's like we never had left, except that we've got a little older. But it was a close neighborhood. We used to have friends that we would play with. What we used to do is climb fences. Now this was a big thing, climbing all these back fences. And that was one of our things, climbing everybody's fences.” “Well, the big thing I remember was St. Peter's annual bazaar, which is still going. That was a nice thing. We had a public market which is not like the one we have now, but it used to be down on Federal Street, just behind Lincoln Park. And that was a beautiful thing to see. The farmers would come in, they would have everything. There are many pleasant memories. Very, very pleasant memories.”

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USM African American Collection


Lewiston, Maine


Leisure, African American History, Maine


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Ms. Beverly Bowens on Leisure



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