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Interviewer: Maureen Elgersman Lee

Interviewee: Mr. James Mathews (age 59; born 1941 in Portland Maine; married with five children; lived in Maine all his life – lived in South Portland for over 26 years)

“Well, when we talk about the Mathews family reunions and also the Fisher family reunions, because they're a part of our family. We all evolved from the Mathews really, and, of course, my name is Mathews. We had a family reunion in Nova Scotia that I went to in 1998. It was July; I think it was the 14th thru the 16th, or something like that, that we had a reunion up there in Nova Scotia. Shelbyville, I believe it was. And that's where our family came from. And then we had a family reunion in 1995 also; it was the first Mathews reunion that we had, and that was held in South Portland at the Sheraton. [side B] Okay, like I said, we had our first reunion in 1995, and then we had another one that was held in Shelbyville, Nova Scotia in 1998 in July. And that one was very good because we had to all go over on the Scotia Prince to get to Nova Scotia. So that was an interesting trip.”

“I live in a very nice neighborhood. I enjoy it very, very much. Like I say we moved there twenty-six years ago-October of ' 74-and, you know, we had a new house built and so on. We've added some rooms and so on that we did ourselves. We have another unattached garage. I love it. My wife has a beautiful garden and animals and stuff outside; just quite the thing. We have enough room where we can have a lot of people over there. The kids like to play basketball; I like to play basketball myself. You know, so we got a hoop out. But the area that we live in: once you get off Broadway into there, it's like another world. You know, there's a lot of trees there; still really sticks. [laughter] It's really nice. I like it all year long, but I really like it in the summer time.”

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Mr. James Mathews on Leisure



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