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Faith: Ms. Lucille Young


Faith: Ms. Lucille Young


Anab Osman



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Ms. Lucille Young (born 1928 in Jackson, Mississippi; moved to Maine in 1960; widow)

Ms. Lucille Young: “So I’ve got to get back to the store, to the job I worked at the store downtown. So the man said, ‘Well, you can’t buy this,’ he say, ‘because you’re on welfare.’ And I looked at that man and I said, ‘I won’t work here another day.’ I walked right out that door. And there was three girls standing at that door talking about Fairchild. I didn’t even know who they were. And I says, ‘Where is this place at?’ And the girl said, ‘I’ll tell you how to get there.’ And she told me how to get there. And I couldn’t wait until the next morning to get on the bus to get there. The next morning, I got up, I got on the bus, and went straight to Fairchild. And I told the man where I was going; he put me off there. I went on in the place and a man sitting at the front desk. And I told him, I says, ‘I hear that you were hiring women,’ I says, ‘and I’m looking for a job.’ He looked at me and said, ‘What shift would you like to have, first second, or third?’ Just that easy. I said, ‘I’ll take third; it’s because I got a small kid – I want to be home in the daytime.’ So he give me one piece of paper. ‘You see, you take this paper to the unemployment office and fill it out,’ and he says, ‘and do what they tell you to do about putting these little notches together.’ He says, ‘I’m sure you’ll get a job.’ And I went and I met two more girls there doing the same thing I was doing because they was trying to get a job, too. And the girl said, ‘Oh my god, that girl gonna get a job; look how fast she put her things together.’ And so I had put them all together. Now I’m not educated with books, but I’m educated with God-given sense, what God has took care, God gave me that. I went right back out there and that man gave me a job. And I worked there for 20 years.”

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Faith: Ms. Lucille Young