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Odessa Barret



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Ms. Odessa Barret

"…When I came here, there weren't very many Blacks, so there was no real sense of community. There was no place where you can go and see yourself en masse. So my kids, being from the South, had already had their sense of identity so it was really hard for them because they either had to teach people who they were or struggle to maintain their own identity."

"I've been a part of the NAACP; I've been a part of the community planning group around HIV prevention; I've been a community mediator."

Ms. Odessa Barret (age 53; born 1948 in Port Arthur, Texas; born in a middle-class, blue collar family; moved to Maine in October 1979)

Keywords: family demography, Black Families, Maine

Full Length Interview: Home is Where I Make It: Barret, Odessa

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