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James Shepard



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Mr. James Sheppard

"I'm a member of the Lions Club. The Lions Club may even be in Yugoslavia. The Lions Club is an international organization. Are you familiar with the Lions Club?"

"It's a group of volunteers, and they have as a symbol a lion. And it's all over the United States, all over the world, international. And I've been a member of that, and I was president of it for a while. And I brought something here from them, too-the Lions Club. I hope I have it so I can show it to you. Then you'll recognize this the next time you see it. Oh, here, this is a badge. That is from after I was president of the local Lions Club. This club is situated all over the country. They have chapters in every state, and in Europe, South America, Caribbean, Africa, too. Different chapters."

"They call it Black History Month. Time Warner cable, that's the television company, they asked me to give a lecture at the university about Black aviators during World War II. And Time Warner presented me with that plaque after I had completed the lecture. I've set up a program; title of the program is African American Aviators. It's about Black pilots in the United States, including the military. And I set up a slide show and an overhead projector show. It takes one hour to show them. My wife operates the projector, while I narrate up on the stage. Now I've done that at Colby College twice, I've did it at USM three times, and I've done it for some of the local clubs. I'm gonna do it Wednesday at a club out at Cape Elizabeth. And that's where I get these plaques from. And it's usually during Black History Month, February. In fact, Time Warner gave me one year's free cable service. Plus a lot of stuff they gave me: presents and trinkets. That's the sort of thing that I do, now, since I've retired."

Mr. James Sheppard (born in New York City in 1924; both his parents immigrated from Antigua in the West Indies to Canada, then they came to the United States in 1923; moved to Maine in 1971)

Keywords: parenting attitudes and behaviors, Black Families, Maine

Full Length Interview: Home is Where I Make It: Sheppard, James

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