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Mr. Richard Tarrence

"I was involved for a while with the Boy’s Club. It wasn’t a very long stint because my son was involved in it. But I did get involved with that for a while and I helped out with some of the local kids. Helping to talk to them about the problems they would have, or were having. Like I said, I didn’t stay in it very long because we moved on and he didn’t stay in the Boy’s Club very long. That was just one. Also, right now I’m involved with the AIDS program – Health 2000 program. I’m planning to attend a few conferences. It’s been very enlightening. And they will be able to make some type of differences in that."

Mr. Richard Tarrence (age 57; born 1945 in Cleveland, Ohio; moved to Maine in October 1975)

Keywords: childhood experiences, children’s experiences, Black Families, Maine

Selected Audio: Series 1: Family - Recordings

Full Length Interview: Home is Where I Make It: Tarrence, Richard

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