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Family Demography: Mr. James Sheppard


Family Demography: Mr. James Sheppard


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James Sheppard




“Okay, my family. I have three boys and a girl. I've been married twice. And when I married the second time-I had one son the first marriage-when I remarried, my wife had a daughter, so that made two children right off the bat. And then I had three more children after her. And that comes up to five, right? They all started school in New York City. They all attended public school in New York City until I moved up here. In 1971 I moved to Maine. And they transferred to the local schools in Westbrook; they completed their school in Westbrook. They all went on to college one at a time. And finally the last daughter completed college up at Bates College a few years ago. I attended all the graduations, but I really couldn't even tell you the dates. One son graduated from USM and the youngest boy graduated from MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology-in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Starting with him. He is a professor now in Alabama teaching aerospace engineering; his name is Eric. E-R-I-C. The other boy lives in Kittery, and he's into marketing; that's Robert. R-O-B-E-R-T. He's into marketing. Unfortunately, our daughter passed away in Florida. She contracted something and just couldn't handle it, and she passed away two years ago in Florida. I forgot to mention her before, that's because she passed away. And I have a son in New York City who's a horticulturalist-that's a form of agriculture-in New York City. His name is Arthur. A-R-T-H-U-R…”




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Born: New York City in 1924

Duration of Residence in Maine: Both his parents immigrated from Antigua in the West Indies to Canada, then they came to the United States in 1923; moved to Maine in 1971.

Family Demography: Mr. James Sheppard