Interview with Howard Reiche

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Howard Reiche


Harpswell Island, Maine

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Production Manager at S.D. Warren 1954-1988; Mill manager from 1970 - 1988

Mill or Principal Employer

S. D. Warren; Scott Paper Company (after Scott purchased S.D. Warren in 1967

Mill Location

Westbrook, Maine 04092


Paper mills - Maine, Sappi Paper - History, S.D.Warren - Maine


Reiche's far ranging interview includes oral memory of S.D. Warren Company back to the early 20th century, S.D. Warren's business prowess, and the antiquated shop floor management system and its reliance on heavily paternalistic practices


This is perhaps the most important interview of the author's project on S.D. Warren Company. He tells the story of company's travails in the early 20th century, a takeover by professional managers from descendants of the founder in the 1920s, how the business thrived thereafter, and how its success was built on generous but backwards paternalism that had mill leaders and community leaders extending a heavy if typically helpful hand into all aspects of their workers' lives. Describes its pitfalls, the abuse of nepotism at all levels, and how this led to the company's unionization in the 1960s. He describes running the mill during its last strong years into the 1980s.

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