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Gary Schauzer


born approximately 1950, early 50s at time of inteview.



Birth Place

Greater Portland area


Greater Portland area

Occupation/ Work History

Electrician and production manager

Mill or Principal Employer

S. D. Warren

Mill Location

Westbrook, Maine 04092


S.D. Warren - History, Paper Mills - History, oral history - labor, paternalism, labor management relations


Schauzer worked at the mill from 1969 to 1999. He was an electrician, who eventually got a B.S. Degree and went into management. His prime goal as a manager was to rectify problems with management and support he had during his first 15 years as an hourly employee. Schauzer provides detailed descriptions of mill work life and S.D. Warren management culture.


Strong statement as a long-term, dedicated, smart and invested employee disgruntled with the 1990s’ management and ownership. Explains how new top management began to take benefits away from lower management and had a poor rapport. Contrast this with his opening comments on the old “family-orientated” style that persisted through the 1980s. Also how managers not laid off faced a piling on/speed-up of work as other managers were “downsized.” Astute observations about the competitive pressures faced by the Westbrook mill with advancing technology and entry by European and Asian paper mills in the 1980s and 1990s

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