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Images and transcript of pages 44-45 of the Portland Jewish Community Center USO Guest Book. The Guest Book is the product of social events at the Portland Jewish Community Center from 1943-46. The full transcript for these pages can be downloaded by clicking the link above.

Names featured in this spread include:

Leslie N. Truett, Willimas Edward, Frank Roskoski, Melvin Haskell, Robert Melville, Martin L. Luberman PH.m3/c, Arthur Parker PH.m2/c, Carl J. Valtman m.m.3/c, John G. Yelk jr. m.m 2/c, Pvt. A. Pizzolato, Fred Curtis, Joseph Zulofsky, Robert Barth, Hyman Breslow, Morton Slosberg, Sidney Religson, Bob Brenner, George Landis, John Hall, D Black, Robert Kovoch, Pvt. Salvatore L. Ledisco, Pvt. Samuel Rickles, Herman S. Baylor, Jules Williger, Erving A Magliore, George H. Trams, Jack Pearlman, Max Horowitz, Claud Pittman, Bill Medec, Ad. Scapelli, Charles Kunland, Howard D. Reasoner TM3/c, Pfc G. Hamlin, Murray Gottlieb, Martin Efram, Pvt Joe Zimi, Pvt. Jack Peskin, Pfc Melvin K. Ledder, M. Rosenband USNR, Adrian S. Marko USNR, Irwin H. Schulberg

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Portland Jewish Community Center


Portland, ME


Portland Jewish Community Center, PJCC, USO, WWII, World War II, USO Dance, Jewish, Judaica, Portland Maine, Militariana


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The Portland Jewish Community Center USO Guest Book Pages 044-045



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