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Images and transcript of pages 2-3 of the Portland Jewish Community Center USO Guest Book. The Guest Book is the product of social events at the Portland Jewish Community Center from 1943-46. The full transcript for these pages can be downloaded by clicking the link above.

Names featured in this spread include:

A.J Capinotte, Tommy Atkins, Hubert B Lavine, Leonard N. Stein, Ed Simionds?, Marty Lahn?, John Silver, Josh A Raya?, Charles B. Fair, Samuel Morris, Louis Freedom, Grant R Miller, Edwin Bower?, Chris A. Bogart, Louis S. Black, P.O Carim, E Tiebor? F 2/c, Frankie DeLucia, John Spartan, Charles Gibbs, Frank Fusky, (Alan)? Steinburg, Peter Steven G Yellan, Ernest Parkhurst, Alfred Grant, Sgt. Johnny Castle, Louis Freedom, A. F Hanover, P. L Goldate?, T/5 Loiue Fox, Put. Aeo.Saudder, Richard Jameson, Maxwell D. Burmam, Leoh? Carmel, Hubert B Lavine, Manny Reis, Joe Kulewicy?, Loius Katy, Corp Hempenas?, Pfc "Sweed" Johnson, Pfc Frank J Burns, Cpl. Chase D. Beard?, T/5 Daniel A. Bran?o, T/5 Harvey L. Bectlir?, J. Kelly, W.H Blair, Samuel H Morris

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Portland Jewish Community Center




Portland Jewish Community Center, 1940's, USO, US Navy, World War II, WWII, United Service Organization, Portland, Maine, Social Events, Servicemen, Nurses


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The Portland Jewish Community Center USO Guest Book Pages 002-003



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