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Images and transcript of pages 130-131 of the Portland Jewish Community Center USO Guest Book. The Guest Book is the product of social events at the Portland Jewish Community Center from 1943-46. The full transcript for these pages can be downloaded by clicking the link above.

Names featured in this spread include:

Arthur A Grodsky, Larry Levy, Edward S Hart, Corol Pearborn, I Edward Fuchs SK 1/C, NG Hathaway RdM 3/C, WE Bervain RdM 3/C, T Tanenbaum, M Smith, RE Roskind MoMM 1/C, Warren H Garton MoMM 1/C, F Thomas SM 2/C, Henry C Laielli Y 3/C, Cpl Conrad Aguilar, Michael Barretta, Juan M Slaney, Jane Nace, Lillian Blanchard, Pvt Mary Cox, Pvt Vergie Watters, Cpl Elizabeth Rich, Jerome F Witscher SC 1/C, Kenneth N Stephenson Y 1/C, Cpl Marion Dunham, Sgt Elizabeth B Price, Cpl Jacob Dittle, Andrew Sivoir, Milton M Ruben S 1/C, Clifton W Fair GM 3/C, Robert R Hotchkiss S 1/C, Roy E Heathman, Tony D Aruingo, Adolph Fattorusso, Ira Friedman, Bernard Busker SC 3/C, Max Stolman, DW Gouldling, Abe Mandell, Sam Cohen, NH Horwich, OC Cooper, Ben Stahl, Henry Richard Fisher, Milford A Rombach, Ira Friedman, Max Goldstein, Ben Franklin, Howard Sharp, Michael Catr[-?] Hiry[-?], Bernie Munatis EM 2/C, BJ Fodera F 1/C, Cudsly Cohen

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Portland Jewish Community Center


Portland, ME


Portland Jewish Community Center, PJCC, USO, WWII, World War II, USO Dance, Jewish, Judaica, Portland Maine, Militariana


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The Portland Jewish Community Center USO Guest Book Pages 0130-0131



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