The Portland Jewish Community Center USO Guest Book Pages 010-011

The Portland Jewish Community Center USO Guest Book Pages 010-011

Portland Jewish Community Center


Images and transcript of pages 10-11 of the Portland Jewish Community Center USO Guest Book. The Guest Book is the product of social events at the Portland Jewish Community Center from 1943-46. The full transcript for these pages can be downloaded by clicking the link above.

Names featured in this spread include:

Robineau Albert, Harise Pacel, Fouim Luche, Maget Emile, Limo AuSie, Labelle Roger, Samuel H Morris, J. Antonowah T2/C, M. Weiser SK 3/C, H. N. Minigarteu?, A. Baceric, W.W Crisceny, Thomas Mibrone Black, Kenneth Clark, John Dore, Bill Jonas, Chuck Siegel, Jimmy Murphy, Oscar Levin, George W. Ausorge?, W. Ralland, S. Schumer, L. Carhart, Jimmy Cranford, J. L Thurman?, H. H. Charvat, R.L Kanouse, H. Blass, Alfred H. Haufinessy, George F Naeder, Herman Street, John J. Petub, Louis Freedom, Freddy Goler?, Danny M Dauil?, Alfred Green, Joe Mallons, J. R Stevens, Matt Faranowry, Pfc Steven S. Yellue, Cpl Jack Gertz, Cpl Charlie Dean, Pfc Howard Duese, Daniel P. Johnston, Raymond Manny, Max Moore Jr, James E. Wolfe, Charles L. Grey, Bob Dunsaelth?, Bill Rolland, Russell Huiland, Thomas L ORouche, Saul Kaufman?, Edw? R Mason, Russell Parmente, Millis Curtis, Cpl Carmen Whitepayer, Saul Kaufman, G.J Talbot, J. Antonaurteh?, John Tahirs Jr., Pvt. Frank Springs, Nathan Adelk?, Edgar C. Hunt