Reckitt, Lois Galgay


Reckitt, Lois Galgay


Madeleine Winter


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Lois Galgay Reckitt grew up in Massachusetts, and moved to South Portland, ME, where her husband was stationed in the Coast Guard. After they divorced, she came out as a lesbian. She served as the state coordinator of the National Organization for Women (NOW) for Bath, ME; she was also the founder of Maine NOW and Maine Right to Choose, which focused on female reproductive rights. In 1976, she helped develop the coalition that put forward the first gay rights bill in Maine. She went on to become the vice president of NOW, which took her to Washington, D.C, where she worked from 1984-1988. She later served on the board of the Human Rights Campaign Fund. In 1979, she began working with Family Crisis Services on issues related to domestic violence. She has also served as adjunct faculty in biology at the University of Southern Maine. In recognition of her work as an activist, Reckitt was inducted into the Maine Women’s Hall of Fame. She currently represents South Portland in the Maine Legislature.


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University of Southern Maine


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Reckitt, Lois Galgay