Stone, Nan


Stone, Nan


Madeleine Winter


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Nan Stone was born and raised in Iowa. She spent time in Germany before moving to Boston to attend graduate school. During her 10 years in Boston, she organized against the Vietnam War and became involved in the local women’s movement; this was also where she came out as a lesbian. She moved to Palermo, ME in May of 1974, in part because she wanted to get more involved in gay and lesbian activism. Around 1975, she was part of a group of women who founded the Women’s Counseling Service in Bath. Shortly thereafter, she was involved in the founding of the Maine Lesbian Feminists (MLF). After MLF ended, she became involved in the Maine Coalition for Equal Rights. She also founded the AIDS Coalition in Belfast, Maine. In 1987, Stone helped organize the first locally sponsored AIDS conference in Maine. In later years she traveled to Nepal to provide AIDS education to local residents.


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University of Southern Maine


Portland, ME


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Stone, Nan