A longitudinal study of family socioeconomic status (SES) variables as predictors of socio-emotional resilience among mentored youth

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Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership In Learning


In this study, we explored socioeconomic status (SES) and family structure as predictors of resiliencies among at-risk youth before and after participating in schools-based mentoring programs. Twenty-four youths (13 girls) aged 13–18 (M = 16.21, SD = 1.76) participated. Youths completed pre- and post-test Developmental Assets Profile questionnaires, which assessed internal (e.g. social competence) and external (e.g. support) assets. Partial correlations (age, number of siblings controlled) indicated gains in internal and external assets were associated with lower family SES. These associations were predominantly due to links between maternal occupational status and child outcomes. Maternal education was not a unique predictor of risk among youth, suggesting that more proximal factors may impact the efficacy of youth mentoring.