Spring 2017

Document Type

Poster Session




Dr. Jessica Ouellette


William Carlos Williams wrote: A poem is a small Machine made of words. Poetry and the STEM fields are no different when each discipline attempts to find meaning in the world, when each creates something beautiful through experimentation. STEM has the scientific method, with inductive and deductive reasoning, and the laws of nature while English has rhetorical style and grammatical structure. With a little imagination, hybridity between these two seemingly different discourses can produce new perspectives within each, and for each. These new perspectives could lead to new questions which would not have been imagined separately. This hybridity may be able to formulate questions we don't know to ask yet. Building community between STEM and English, when for so many years that thought remained in rigid tradition, may have a transformative effect upon society. A poet in space would be an amazing use of our greatest capacities as human beings.

Start Date

April 2017



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