Spring 2017

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Poster Session




Dr. Carlos Lück


The University of Southern Maine is like many colleges in the fact that its engineering program has a lot of extensive requirements that a student must achieve before receiving a degree. These include but are not limited to the core and department curriculums, GPA, and Residency Requirements. Most of these are easily accessible to the student on MaineStreet to track progress like the example degree progress report in Figure 2. This progress report shows all of the information by what requirement each class satisfies so it can be really time consuming to scroll through them all, for example, to see if you meet certain pre-requisites. Figure 3 shows the course history by subject which can be found on MaineStreet. This information is a lot easier to navigate and also shows the past attempts for a course. This form however does not show the requirement that the course satisfies nor does it show what classes are needed in the future. The engineering department made their own version of a progress report in a more visual way. This progress report has to be manually updated every semester which can be time consuming.

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April 2017



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