Spring 2017

Document Type

Poster Session




Dr. Mustafa Guvench


The purpose of this project was to use COMSOL, an advanced FEM (finite element modeling) software, to analyze a Coupled Thermal Resonator. This Coupled Thermal Resonator was previously constructed in L-Edit, but when analyzed in COMSOL, it produced undesirable results. This project focused on improving the design and model of the Resonator to improve simulation results and evaluating the actual response of the MEMS device to determine if simulated results were accurate for the actual device. Many different factors may have contributed to producing the double peak seen in the simulation, including the weak coupling between the two resonators. These factors were analyzed to determine how to correct the model or simulation parameters to produce the expected and desired results. Simulation of the actual DC heating of the device, which was previously determined to be too complex, was attempted in an effort to produce a fully-simulated model of the actuator. Also, measurement of actual fabricated MEMS resonator frequency response was measured and compared with the simulated results.

Start Date

April 2017



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