Spring 4-2014

Document Type

Poster Session


Professor Elizabeth Ehrenfeld


Diabetes, Inactivation of Insulin


Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is the most common form of diabetes mellitus which affects approximately 8.3% of the popula@on ( 2013). T2D is most oDen brought on by reduced sensi@vity to insulin receptors. This is thought to be caused by a muta@on in the gene Insulin Receptor Substrate-­‐ 1 (IRS-­‐1). It is the suppression of IRS-­‐1 that leads to inac@va@on of signaling molecules insulin signaling pathways causing insulin resistance (Victor D. H. et al). This literature review will focus on the major mechanisms of inhibi@on of the insulin signaling pathways.

Start Date

April 2014



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