Spring 2017

Document Type

Poster Session


Exercise, Health, and Sport Sciences


CB Scott


We examined the effects of Blood Flow Restriction Training on Strength and Hypertrophy involving 3 female and 5 male subjects. Participants came in to train twice a week for 3 weeks and were randomly assigned to either the BFR or non-BFR group. Resistance exercise included lifting a weight to muscular fatigue or wearing blood flow restriction cuffs during resistance training to muscular fatigue performed on the smith machine. Squat exercises were performed on different days, lifting a weight at 50% of a 1 repetition maximum for a total of 3 sets with a 90 second recovery after the 1st and 2nd sets. The combined data for both groups show that the change in 1RM from pre-post was 17.0 + 5.7 pounds.

Start Date

April 2017



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