Spring 2017

Document Type

Poster Session


Exercise, Health, and Sport Sciences


O'Neill, K


The aim of this research is to illustrate a protocol of non-operative treatment of an Achilles rupture and discover the best practices for the rehabilitation process. The sources of the literature search included the following databases: SAGE and BioMed Central A complete Achilles rupture is a condition that may affect athletes as well as the general population. A majority of these injuries occur during a combination of exaggerated dorsiflexion of the ankle and forceful plantarflexion. Evidence has shown that overuse injuries such as chronic inflammation or other tendinopathies correlate to this injury. It’s common to get the Achilles tendon surgically repaired, however, there is no consensus on what the best method of treatment is. The focus of this research is Conservative treatment, which includes ice, elevation, bracing/immobilization at 20° of plantar flexion for a short period of time, and immediate weight bearing with an early introduction of range of motion (ROM) exercises and strengthening. Research shows that the rehab process is limited by the response of the injured tissues and the length of recovery changing from patient to patient. In conclusion, the idea is that recovery could essentially be hastened by completely avoiding surgery altogether, allowing an athlete to get back on the field or court sooner.

Start Date

April 2017



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