Mark Jacobs

Date of Award


Document Type

Poster Session




James V. Masi


Exoskeletal Prostheses, Cerebal Palsey, Limb Deficiency, Spinal Pathologies, Functional Limb Pathologies


The purpose of this study is to provide methodology for designing exoskeletal prostheses targeted to specific pathologies associated with: Cerebral Palsy; Limb Deficiency; Spinal Pathologies; and Functional Limb Pathologies This study will extend to whole body exoskeletal structures. The project will be performed in conjunction with Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Springfield, Massachusetts; M.I.T. Bio-prosthetic Group; and finally, Massachusetts General Hospital Orthopedics Group. Further work will be done designing the necessary components for the project in Solidworks utilizing a 3D mannequin. The parts will then be fabricated using a CNC machine, first making them from foam insulation, then from wood and finally from aluminum.



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