Tonya Thurlow


Spring 2017

Document Type

Poster Session


Social Work


Caroline Shanti


Thinking Matters


This is a qualitative investigation of barriers to New Americans in Maine in pursuing and continuing with higher education. Research will be based in Critical Race Theory and aims to involve professionals, New Americans in Maine and New Americans in Maine who have left the Social Work program at University of Southern Maine. History in the United States is rooted largely in the lived experience of the dominant patriarchal culture while at times inaccurately depicting other ethnicities, race and cultures. There is little research about New Americans attending school, and less still that is reflective of specific degree programs, particularly with Bachelor and Master degrees in the Social Work field. The current research project intends to fill some of the gaps in literature and practice in education regarding information on inclusive, culturally appropriate higher-education. The results will be determined after focus group and interviews have taken place. Once themes are identified, this information will be collated into a working document and presented to the University of Southern Maine and the CAC. The document is meant for review and utilization in framing future curriculum, addressing barriers identified to extend social work program and expand the profession in the community.

Start Date

4-28-2017 9:00 AM



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