Spring 4-2015

Document Type

Poster Session




Glenn Wilson


Cyber Security, Artificial network Traffic


Network traffic generation is a key component of the creation of a network simulation environment. In order to create a realistic simulation of a large scale network in action, it is necessary to have a large volume of user traffic. Past methods for providing user traffic, such as hiring users to manually generate traffic, or recording existing traffic of an active network, provide limited control. Managing and directing users is time consuming, and using existing traffic is restricted by recorded conditions. The Truman Show project provides an infinitely adjustable alternative by utilizing agent based modeling of individual users. An agent based model is a statistical method for modeling a system not as a single object, but as numerous subsystems. The Truman Show uses a similar methodology for the generation of network traffic by generating activity not from a single recording, or small handful of users, but with the creation of a master program that generates an infinitely scalable number of subprograms, each of which mimic real user behaviors


Maine Cyber Security Cluster

Start Date

April 2015



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