Spring 2018

Document Type

Poster Session


Social Work


Caroline Shanti, PhD, LCSW


Social and Emotional Learning, SEL Programming, Maine, University of Southern Maine, Thinking Matters Symposium


Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) can be defined as, “the capacity to recognize and manage emotions, solve problems effectively, and establish positive relationships with others; competencies that clearly are essential for all students. Thus, SEL targets a combination of behaviors, cognitions, and emotions to better students in school and prepare them for the world after”(Zins et al., 2003,p.1). Emerging evidence suggests that schoolwide and teacher-focused interventions involving a social and emotional learning framework are among the most effective approaches for improving student behavioral outcomes and student success in school (Anyon, et al., 2016). The aim of this study was to explore the knowledge and need for SEL programming across all Portland Public High Schools by surveying the staff at Deering, Casco Bay, and Portland High.

Start Date

April 2018



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