Spring 2018

Document Type

Poster Session


Social Work


Caroline Shanti, PhD, LCSW


elder care, older adults, home care, assisted living, United States, Maine, University of Southern Maine, Thinking Matters Symposium, USM Aging Initiative, Aging


As the state of Maine and the U.S. population at large continues to age, discussion about future care and living arrangements for older adults has become an increasingly relevant issue. Older adults are often faced with a range of options for housing, including staying in their home in their community while receiving home care services, or moving to an assisted living facility.

Currently a gap in the research exists as to the attitudes, perceptions, and lived experiences of the older adults themselves around these decisions, experiences, and the meaning of “home” in our older years. This study aims to provide several perspectives which may serve to inform communities how we can better serve the needs of this population by adding to knowledge that fights ageism and seeks to improve programs and services for older adults.

Start Date

April 2018



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