Spring 2014

Document Type

Poster Session


Geographic Information Systems


Firooza Pavri


gis, taxation, zoning analysis


The Town of Windham, Maine Proposed Municipal Budget FY 2012-2013 called for $12,750 for professional services to develop a building footprint database. There are several municipal applications for building footprints including, but not limited to: Taxation/valuation of properties; setbacks for code enforcement; public safety planning; historical analysis of building patterns; general planning, where to encourage growth and redevelopment; zoning analysis and recreational planning. Due to the town’s in-house GIS (Geographic Information Systems) capabilities, the project will be developed within the Assessor’s Office and based on the 2012 Maine Office of GIS 6 Orthoimagery for Windham. The following is an effort to discover if imagery is an efficient resource to complete the project.

Start Date

April 2014



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