Spring 2018

Document Type

Poster Session


Educational Psychology


Garry Wickerd, PhD, NCSP, BCBA


culturally and linguistically diverse, CLD, cognitive assessment, educational policy, University of Southern Maine, Thinking Matters Symposium


Evidence from placement data show that culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students are over-identified for learning and intellectual disabilities (Donovan & Cross, 2002). Cognitive assessments play a central role in correctly identifying CLD students for special education services. This study reviewed the literature to determine support for three methods of cognitive assessment with CLD students. Search results revealed that although there was considerable research supporting the use of the Cultural-Linguistic Interpretive Matrix (C-LIM) and Nonverbal Assessment, there was also much research disputing their use. Much of the support the C-LIM and Dual Language Assessment was not from peer reviewed research. Dual Language Assessment appeared to have the most support in the literature.

Start Date

April 2018



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