Spring 2019

Document Type

Poster Session


Leadership Studies


Elizabeth Goryunova PhD, M.B.A.


Millenials, Gen Z, workforce, leadership, engagement


As the Baby Boomers exit the workforce, newer and younger generations’ workers will need to be hired and trained to fill these positions. Millennials entering the workforce will require evolving methodologies of leadership to retain talent. Studies to-date have focused on leadership styles and organizational culture and how they affect employee engagement. However, the bulk of these studies use information that may not be relevant to current Gen Z and Millennial workers. To address existing gap in knowledge, this study explores the differences of the current generations in the modern-day workforce leadership and what Millennial and Gen Z leaders will need to focus on to retain and engage future and current top talent in their respective industries.
Specifically, this qualitative study seeks to answer the following research questions: Which styles of leadership do Gen Z and Millennials desire in order to obtain maximum engagement and organizational loyalty? What motivates Millennials and GenZ employment seekers to accept a job and stay at their respective organization aside from monetary compensation? Participant sample includes Millennial and Gen Z age individuals currently between the age of 18-37. Data is collected through surveys and interviews; and analyzed for common themes and patterns. The outcome of the study will help leaders determine what they could offer or improve to retain workers from the Millennial and Gen Z workforce and provide insight of how younger leaders can engage their employees.

Start Date

4-19-2019 10:30 AM



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