Spring 2019

Document Type

Poster Session




Jessica Ouellette PhD


gambling, gambling addiction, affect, marketing, rhetoric, Maine


Affect is a recent branch of rhetoric which is used to describe the immediate emotional occurrence which precedes cognition. Affect differs from the more understood pathos because affect is the unlabeled feeling experienced by one when reading or viewing certain images or texts. Whereas pathos is the emotional connection an author uses to connect the text with the audience--and is therefore drawn from personal knowledge and connections--affect has no particular draw and must then appeal to a much larger audience. In particular, affect is now being used as a marketing ploy in order to target and sell to a mass market rather than a traditional filtered and centered one. With this in mind, I will complete a rhetorical analysis of instant and online lottery tickets and the effect the rhetoric used in these has on gambling addiction in Maine. By looking at images and texts common to multiple versions of instant and online lottery tickets, I can use these commonalities to show how marketers use emotional and logical reactions in order to persuade.

Start Date

4-19-2019 1:15 PM



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