Spring 2019

Document Type

Poster Session


Leadership Studies


Elizabeth Goryunova PhD, M.B.A.


Post-Millenials, workforce, communication, professional development


Post Millennials, defined as individuals born between the years of 1997 to present day and whom are currently between the ages of zero and twenty-one years old, are one of the largest generational cohorts to enter the workforce thus far (Ozkan, Soulmaz, 2015). Without understanding the characteristics of this generation, leaders could find themselves with followers they do not know how to motivate or communicate with (Seemiller, 2017, pg. 8). The purpose of this study is to explore and gain a deeper understanding of what Post Millennials need to be successful in the workforce, and how they differ in their follower and cultural beliefs. The researcher conducted a quantitative study by collecting data from participants currently between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one through an online anonymous survey. Results show a pattern on preferences relating to leadership styles, followership characteristics, and the type of work environment this generation prefers. Major themes include preferences in communicating digitally, wanting a leader who is hands-on and active in the professional development process, as well as an overwhelming majority identifying themselves as an idealistic follower. These findings support prior research in the field and expand upon the needs and wants of the Post Millennial generation as they leave their education and enter the workforce.

Start Date

4-19-2019 10:30 AM



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