Spring 2018

Document Type

Poster Session


Women and Gender Studies


Lisa Walker Ph.D.


The focus for my research project for my Women and Gender Studies, Capstone course has revolved around Domestic Violence and Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). AAT has been around since the 18th century but the benefits of it, aren’t talked about enough; when looking at what it does for adult DV survivors. I will determine if AAT, in conjunction with other therapies, is beneficial for DV victims. To determine how beneficial AAT is, I will be reviewing current literature on AAT, the results of different types of therapy and how it effects the victim’s PTSD, trauma, stress, and anxiety levels. If given the chance, I will hopefully be doing some primary researched as well. My initial finding suggest that AAT is an effective form of therapy for DV victims because it successfully diminishes the victim’s PTSD, anxiety, and depression while also increasing the individual’s self-esteem and improves their self-awareness.

Start Date

4-20-2018 9:00 AM



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