Spring 2018

Document Type

Poster Session




James Smith Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Lin Lin Ph.D.


This project involved the design and construction of a machine that would apply fatigue to a polymer sample. Fatigue is the result of a material being subjected to repeated loading and unloading or also stated as cyclic stress. By building a machine that can apply a cyclic stress to polymer sample, a fatigue limit can be found. Knowing this fatigue limit, a better understanding of the strength of the material can be gained. At low frequency, polymer fatigue failure becomes less related to test frequency but more related to the initial cracks and their resulting propagation through the sample. The resulting internal stresses and crack can then be seen and studied using a polariscope and underwater acoustic apparatus. With this machine, a better understanding can be gained about different types of polymers and their respective strengths.

Start Date

April 2018



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