Spring 2017

Document Type

Poster Session


Biological Sciences


Ericka Poppell


phytoplankton, ocean warming, algae blooms, industry impact, Gulf of Maine, Thinking Matters


Phytoplankton blooms follow predictable annual cycles in the Gulf of Maine, characterized by a large spring bloom and a smaller bloom in the fall. Marine phytoplankton form the foundation of primary production in Gulf of Maine waters, and thus community changes in composition, and abundance could have cascading effects on our coastal ecosystems.

We set out to monitor the community composition, diversity, and abundance of the spring micro-phytoplankton bloom, at a Friends of Casco Bay water quality monitoring site, in South Portland, Maine. The Gulf of Maine is experiencing accelerated warming rates, and this type of monitoring can aid in our understanding of what this warming trend may mean for our waters.

Start Date

April 2017



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