Spring 4-2013

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Poster Session


Tara Healy


Sanford was designated by Maine's Governor in 2009 as a "medically underserved community." Communities with this designation have limited primary care providers, and high infant mortality and poverty rates. Goodall Hospital developed the CARE Program in response to this issue, which serves pregnant women by connecting them with a social worker designated as the CARE Coordinator (CC). This study examines the effectiveness of the program's interventions which assess and treat depression and encourage engagement in prenatal care. Primary data was collected from health records of women enrolled in the CARE Program at Goodall Hospital's Center for Women's Health. This descriptive study extracts data including demographics, compliance with prenatal care, use of the emergency department for non-emergent care, and number of meetings with the CC. The data extracted is then analyzed as it relates to depression scores collected in the first and second trimester. This proposal was approved by University of Southern Maine's IRB. Researchers anticipate that women's involvement in the CARE Program will lead to a decrease in depression scores measured in the first and second trimester, as well as a better understanding of the characteristics that may affect depression and overall compliance in prenatal care. We expect this study will be valuable to Goodall Hospital as they evaluate and modify the CARE Program in the future.

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4-2013 9:00 AM



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