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Desert Girl, Pray for Rain

Written by Travis Curran
Directed by Judy Goell

"You're probably reading this before the play starts, right? Since I can't gauge what time you showed up relative to when the play is going to start I guess I'll be brief. I hate.calling myself a writer. Everybody writes. You're a writer. And if you don't think so, you certainly could. Let's all make a mad dash for Hollywood while this. strike thing still lasts, right? ·Right. · I don't write poetry, Ross does. I write fiction and plays. But they're .basically the same idea. Pretty words strung along together. Reading, hearing, speaking, writing .. We love'm. I don't quite get why, but I dig it too. I'm really thankful the department' gave me this opportunity on my last year here. And thank you· guys for coming. I hope you like the pretty words, and I hope they mean as much to you as they do to me." - Travis Curran

Lot's Wife

Written by Travis Grant
Directed by Judy Goell

"Lot's Wife" is a piece with very.serious, often times hard to discuss subject matter. It is a piece that doesn't sugar coat anything for the actors, or for you, the audience. · It is in this raw emotion that we are collectively able to experience empathy for the characters, and what has come to be known as "acceptable grief." The edges are frayed, and the end doesn't tie up into a nice, neat little bow. It is in the unresolved that we find resolution." - Travis Grant

This production was entered in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) 40.

Publication Date

Fall 2007


Gorham, ME


Theatre, University of Southern Maine Department of Theatre, Theatre Program, Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival


Arts and Humanities | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History



Ross Conlin ... Benjamin Row
Kelly Toreador ... Rylee Doiron

Thomas Pike ... Danny Gay
Narrator/Richard ... Sebastian Ascanio


Chris Howard ... Robert Ko
Laura Howard ... Stacy Ann Strang
Dr. Stone ... Sebastian Ascanio
Doreen ... Shawna Houston
Ildeth/ Parishoner/Nurse ... Nina Shoshana Wish

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Student Written One Act Plays: Desert Girl, Pray for Rain and Lot's Wife Program



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