The Mandrake



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Written by Niccolò Machiavelli

Directed by William Steele

This production was entered in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) XXXXX.

Publication Date

Spring 4-2007


Portland, ME


Theatre, University of Southern Maine Department of Theatre, Theatre Program, Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival


Arts and Humanities | Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History



Brother Timothy ... Jeffrey Toombs
Siro Callimaco ... Mary Casas
Lord Nicia ... Nick Cyr
Ligurio ... Andrew Coffey
Madonna ... Parker Newton
Sostrata ... Janelle LoSciuto
Woman at the Church ... Meghan Benton
Madonna Lucrezia ... Alicìa Ouellette

"Niccolò Machiavelli's The Mandrake has always given scholars food for thought. Is it a bawdy, 16th-century satire of the politics of his day or merely a raunchy, fun-filled entertainment that cracks jokes at the expense of morality? No matter which side you choose, one thing's for certain: this play is anything but shy as it merrily plays with the idea that deceit is okay as long as everyone gets what they want.

"In the world of The Mandrake, the ends do seem to justify the means as sexuality, fidelity and gender bias are turned on their heads in an evening of raucous shenanigans that lead to a happy conclusion.

"So the question for me when I selected it for production was which way to run with it in terms of emphasis: satire or romp. I chose romp. Heck, its spring! But if you see more in the play, say parallel"s with U.S. foreign policy, well, you go right ahead. You'll probably find a few." - William Steele

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The Mandrake